“Management of Fostering Personnel”
To make active use of personnel, and to foster independent and virtuous employees
“Management of Breaking Through”
To challenge, innovate and create
“Management of Trust”
To respond to the needs and expectations of society and contribute to them
Director Message

I would like to extend my thanks for your consistent consideration and support.

I am Satoshi Ota, representative of Yamazen Viet Nam Co., Ltd. Our company has been operating in Vietnam since the opening of our representative office in 2003. Since the establishment of our local subsidiary in 2010, we have been focused on strengthening our engineering and sales departments. We provide cooperation and support to customers who face intense competition from overseas businesses in the Vietnamese market, to ensure they don’t experience inconvenience or difficulty.

A total of 30 engineers serve as reinforcements to the engineering departments of major manufacturers and handle repair, maintenance, application, and test cuts on their behalf.
In order to strengthen our sales department, we continuously exhibit over 30 models of machine tools from multiple manufacturers and have implemented a prompt delivery system in line with customer requirements.

I have no doubt that the rapidly growing Vietnamese market will experience further development and attract even more attention. Against this backdrop, we hope to grow together with those who are betting on the future of Vietnamese business. I also hope that the Vietnamese market will become the stage for your dreams to be realized.
From here on out, we will continue to work tirelessly and strive to be a company that is not afraid of change. In closing, I humbly ask for your continued kindness and support.