About the Yamazen Group

Our goal is to become a global company that makes a broad contribution to society by continually anticipating change and creating new value.

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Yamazen Vietnam Exhibition 2024 – Elevate Smart Manufacturing for All Businesses

Following the success of exhibition in 2023, Yamazen Vietnam is delighted to hold the 2024 Exhibition on Manufacturing Solutions – Where Technology Meets Innovation. Our exhibition will take place from Thursday, May 23rd till Saturday morning, May 25th at Yamazen Hanoi Showroom, Lai Xa Industrial Cluster, Hoai Duc District. This exhibition promises to be an […]

Invitation – Yamazen Viet Nam, Ha Noi Showroom Exhibition (June 2023)

Invitation – Yamazen Viet Nam, Ha Noi Showroom Exhibition (June 2023)