Mitutoyo is a general manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. Their comprehensive lineup of measuring instruments includes coordinate measuring machines, vision measuring systems, shape measuring instruments, optical equipment, hardness testing machines, micrometers, and calipers.
Accretech is a specialist manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and precision measuring instruments. Their lineup of products includes coordinate measuring machines, surface texture and contour measuring instruments, roundness and cylindrical profile measuring instruments, optical measuring instruments, automatic measuring instruments, various sensors and electric/air micrometers, laser interferometers, and general automatic inspection machines.
Osaka Seimitsu
Osaka Seimitsu is a specialist manufacturer of gear measuring instruments which make possible ultra-high precision gear measurement.
Eisen is a pioneer in the field of pin gauges.
Issoku provides a wide range of precision measuring instruments, such as various screw gauges and air micrometers.
Metrol specializes in manufacturing industrial FA sensors which contribute to factory automation. It boasts the world’s leading market share in tool setters for CNC machine tools.
Renishaw is a global company with expertise in measurement, motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy, and manufacturing.
Blum is a manufacturer of measuring and testing technology which includes laser measuring systems, touch probes, measuring instruments, and test benches.
Magnescale offers a range of magnetic linear encoders, rotary encoders, digital gauges, and high precision laser scales for use in positioning.